Replit tries to create files beginning with `/`

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Reproduction steps (in order) Behaviour
Create a file beginning with / the file infinitely looks like it’s loading in
Try to create a file/folder doesn’t work
Click on the file which is apparently being created
Try to create a file/folder It works, and the file no longer appears to load

Hey @UMARismyname!

Thank you for reporting this. I will look into this and will follow up soon!


I was not able to reproduce this issue as you have. When I attempt to create a file that starts with / the filetree shows the file endlessly loading, but I’m not able to reproduce the other two steps.

Would you mind sending me a screen recording of the issue (we recommend so I can get a better idea of the repro steps and what it looks like on your end?

We have recently released a fix for this. If you’re still having issues, please let us know!

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