Replit theme changes when visiting certain paths

Problem description:
Here is a very quick poc: POC - YouTube
When browsing back and forth between pages the theme gets reset.

Example you are here you visit → “” then if you browse back your theme will reset.

Expected behavior:
To have the same theme I had before and not reset

Actual behavior:
To shuffle back and forth between the pages without having our theme reset

Steps to reproduce:
Setup a theme: I am using the official Spooky theme

Make sure that you are signed in

  2. Click on for example the “pricing” button on the left of the panel
  3. Go back to you will see that your theme is reset or shuffled back

Bug appears at this link: and other links on the panel


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When I CTRL+ SHIFT + R, the theme gets back to normal.

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Ah. That’s useful! So it’s caching the older version of the page from before you changed the theme?


I have this problem occasionally, if it’s labeled as a “dark theme” it’s normal dark, if it’s labeled as a light theme, then it’s normal light.

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Yep that might be the case, so a refresh will kind of fix the issue. however I think its better if it gets responsive and real-time so someone for example recording a video on how to use replit doesn’t go through this…etc

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Do you mean recording a video on how to use themes? This should not be an issue for any other use of Replit, unless you change theme mid way through the video.

I think the replit team has fixed this issue :cowboy_hat_face: