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Can i see the status of my templates that are published whether they are in review or have been accepted

Welcome to the community, @DBTprods! They should immediately show up for you as a template, but might take a week or so I think to show up on the Templates page.

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Actually, you have to ping a mod to get on the templates page, and there is no automatic system in place afaik


Huh, that’s weird… Here is what it says:

I am asking a related question in that topic, might be helpful other than in this case.

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How can I get a mods username and how do I ping them?

In the comments do something like this

Hey @RayHanADev, could you please review this template for `/templates`?

Although I would make sure your template follows the replit template guidelines here and is original and creative.

Edit: I checked your profile and found a template, if the template is the discordjs bot template, it probably won’t get approved, as there is already a lot out there.


Is rayhandev an actual mod or is that just an example

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They are a mod. :smiley: You could try sending it to them or a different mod.


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