Replit Teams for Education Speed!...should my Replits be faster?

I have signed up for Replit Teams for Education, in hopes that the speed of my Replits would increase form myself and students. So far, I am still waiting several seconds for even simple Python Replits to load. Anything I should be doing to see an increase in speed?
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Hey @JWatWSS welcome to the forums.

There may have been updates to what ever is used to run python. That’s happens every once a while. One it updates that once it should run a lot quicker.

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This mostly happens when I run a replit with Python Turtle and I have added graphics…is this common? my concern is that if I am marking 30 student projects and I have to wait 2 minutes per project to load, then Replit might not be for me. What do you think?

Hi @JWatWSS thanks for your messages. Do you mean the Repl itself takes 2 mins to load into the browser or that it takes 2 mins for the program to run?

If you could share an example of a slow running project perhaps the user community could suggest some ideas to help.

Hi Ian thanks for the reply. Here is a link to an example of a slow Replit I have created that takes several minutes to run. Airplane game - Python (with Turtle) Repl - Replit
My question is: Will this (slow load time) happen when I have students sign up for Teams for Education, and I have to grade dozen’s of projects each week?

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Hi JW, I ran the program and it took 10 seconds to start from the time I clicked on run. Are you sure it takes 2 mins to run? It might be a connection issue at school / home?

The Teams for Edu should have the same performance as individual Repls. However if you are using Python Turtle to create student games each week it will definitely impact the time taken to grade.

Hi Ian,

Is it possible to purchase a site licence that will “Boost” increase the speed reliability for students and myself?


Please take a look at Pricing - Replit and get in touch with Replit’s sales team directly ( with any specific questions you have about site licences. Hope this helps.