Replit tags/titles

How do I get a tag I’ve seen tags like content creator witch is self explanatory along with many other self explanatory tags, but tags like replit rep and other are tags I don’t know how to get or add to my profile.

Hey @PixelKat5 welcome to the forums!

A Replit rep is a community member who applied to be a rep and got accepted. They run events and stuff. To obtain this position, you can apply and wait for approval. Please note that not all applicants get accepted.


Hey! I think the Content Creator role isn’t used anymore as anybody can upload templates now.

If the Content Creator badge isn’t used anymore, I’d say that if a user gets one of their templates featured they should get the Content Creator badge. This is kinda turning into a feature request tho.

And what does the verified tag mean? Many admins have it, and also the Twitter account etc.

Its their account and not an impersonator.

So how do we ask for it? Or is it only for Replit Staff and mods?

anyone who is known from social media accounts, e.g. youtube can get it. Here would probably be a good place to ask.
oops nvm I got this from zplusfour and must’ve missed the ‘maybe’

According to the other person in the discord only Replit staff and company accounts. Mods (for the community) have their own badge and mods of Ask and discord don’t get any badge.