Replit suspends free host for repls starting from 01/01/2024

Dear Replit community!
Replit has recently announced that starting from January 1st, 2024, it suspends free host for all repls that are not counted as Deployments. Does anyone know, if it will be still possible to somehow host a publicly accessible repl for free? And if not, how do you guys are going to deal with this issue?


Yes you can with static deployments. Staff said you wont need a card for static deployments within your egress limits. If you don’t want to use Replit for what ever reason you can use Github page.

Thanks for your response @not-ethan! The thing is, I like Replit and I want to continue using it, but with their new policy I’m afraid hosting repls such as Node.js won’t be free as it is now. I’ve heard deployments require monthly fees. Don’t you know, will it still be possible to host repls for free?

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That is correct. It will not be free. Autoscale deployments are based on usage and dedicated VMs are daily but often advertised as what they price would be monthly

Oh that’s frustrating ;(
Anyway, thanks for help @not-ethan!

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