Replit suddenly saying ram is full when I've done nothing

When I started up a project I called it practice I was using java, I was introduced to the new updates and then I suddenly received a message that my ram was full and that I should upgrade my account. Mind you I still have not done anything to the code so it is still the default “Hello World” text. I also notice that the cpu usage would randomly spike for some reason unknown to me.(Note: Just so people know I was looking at a little bars that was labeled CPU and RAM in the side column tab next to the code)

Can someone help me to fix this issue please I did not have this problem the last time I used replit, though that was a couple years ago and probably before this update?

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You can lower this by turning off Code Intelligence.

How do I do that exactly, and will I lose out on any features when I do it? If so what are they?

Go to the Settings of your repl, it’s at the lower left corner. Then, disable code intelligence.
Code intelligence is (if I’m not wrong) auto-complete of your symbols, etc. Click the ‘i’ with a circle around it at the code intel section to learn more.

Thank you for your assistance, but I would like to inform you that I found the setting in the Tools section. At first when I followed your instructions I was just clicking on the help button that was in the bottom left for me trying to look through the options it presented for a settings button.


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