Replit Style Guide (for developers/extensions)

You know this?

<div class="css-ri4vrk"><span class="css-778qxr">box.</span></div>

This will create a glow box.

Replits CSS. Well, when making extensions for Replit (like coder’s checkmark one) having a style guide that uses CSS is really good. A very good example of this is: Roblox’s Styleguide, which is an official styleguide for Roblox developers creating extensions and more!

Does one exist? If not… feature request.

If you mean making a comment on Replit with custom CSS using HTML, that’s not a good idea. See this recent forum post. If not, I’m afraid I can’t help you.

Thats not the point, this would be for creating extensions.

I thought I misunderstood you. I’m going to leave this post then as I can be of no help.

Creating a chrome extension, browser extension such as Replit Checkmark.

Closeted thing we have: