Replit stuck on Working

Problem description

None of my projects on Replit are loading and are constantly on the “Working” loading screen. I’ve done the usual restart, clear cache, and everything. It’s not my internet as my laptop loads it fine. Looked on other forms and apparently it should “fix itself” (amazing help). I need to do my school assignments I’m not waiting for this problem to just fix itself after a month of only using my laptop.

Expected behavior

The Replits loading.

Actual behavior

Stuck on “Working” loading screen.

Steps to reproduce

Load up any Replit and the screen will be stuck on the loading screen.


Google Chrome



Device if mobile




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@randylam1010 Thanks for posting with us. It sounds like none of your Repls are loading, even new or forked Repls, is that correct?

I checked your account and I don’t see any loading issues with your Repls. That likely means the issue is on the environmental end. I’d recommend narrowing the issue down by testing other browsers, other machines (like your phone) and other networks (like one in a coffee shop or at a friend’s house). Or even having a friend or colleague test your Repl.

If the issue is the network, you can try flushing the DNS or contacting your ISP. If it’s the browser, you can look into the security settings or try using Chrome Incognito mode to see if it’s an extensions issue.

These are just some ideas as it’s harder for folks on Ask to help when the issue does not reproduce on our side.