Replit stuck on booting / loading


First time using Replit in the classroom. Replit will often take a while to load student work. It will get stuck on ‘Working’ for around 2 – 5 min. This is happening on my home PC right now as well.

Is this common for Replit?

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It’s not supposed to do that but it’s a relatively common bug. Is this a specific Repl or all Repls? If it’s a specific one could you provide the link?


It is not common to any in particular. We are using the Craig and Dave (Time2Code) projects. Project A will work fine for x students, but the students will be stuck on the ‘working’ / ‘booting’ screen.

Meant to say it’s not specific to any project.

Is this using Teams for Edu?

That’s exactly it. Seems like it’s a problem that’s been going on for a long time. Shame, Replit did look good.

Thanks for your help.

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I’m sure they’ll fix it. Bugs happen.

Hey @MrClare2020!

We have recently resolved an incident that might have caused this issue. Are you still seeing the issue?

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same is happening with me