Replit Storage Question

Hello community, I want to ask about the storage issue.

Basic accounts have a generous 10GiB of storage, and 1 project such as a simple file as below:

for x in range(10):

And somehow it toke up 0.3GiB of my storage?
Thats very unfair, that means I can only make 33 projects as simple as that?
It’s like … 2 lines of code?
I mean if you download a text file I doubt it reaches 0.3MiB it’s more like 100 KiB tops

Hey @apsw171118 welcome to Ask!

The reason that project takes up so much space is because of the venv folder in the Repl, which contains a large number of python packages, and that counts against your storage.

So as if you are saying, I can only 33 python projects on replit? And that’s for simple projects like 2 line projects?

It wasn’t like that before, people make dozens of discord bots on replit.

@apsw171118 no you can do more I believe. I am working on a project with over 600+ lines of Python code so far and it takes up 0.0459GiB.

That’s impossible because here all I have is like 2-5 lines max 20 lines of code, such as turtle and simple projects but each of them take up <0.1GiB


I know, I’m not doubting you, sorry if you thought I was, my apologizes. However I’m as confused as you are here.

@apsw171118 I don’t know either, it seems the less lines of code I have the more it takes up storage wise. Whereas this big project is very small.

Can you go to venv folder for me (inside … → show hidden files)

@apsw171118 I don’t have a venv folder, because I am using Python (Beta)

Oh is it so, should I switch to Python (Beta) because I’m needing to create dozens of file for teaching purposes. Replit itself is booting slowly already.

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@apsw171118 It automatically uses it even if I choose normal python (because I am an Explorer), so I don’t really notice the changes unless I am looking for them.

Can I access it as a normal user?

@apsw171118 you might, Replit said they rolled it out to 50% of users, you can try but expect to have to be an Explorer.

Which one is it? Thanks again!

@apsw171118 just Beta not Beta LSP. If my post helped you mark it as the solution to help people in the future with a similar problem.

I did some research on it and untouching the project 11MiB was already on my storage, is that it for you?


For Python (Beta)? Yeah I think so but that is way smaller than 11GiB and won’t take up much storage.


I feel this is just stupid, I hardly use this word.
I’m asking this behalf someone doing education, and he opens a new repl everytime.
Isn’t that just loads of 11MiB eaten for no reason?

@apsw171118 Replit has to use some storage and Python automatically uses storage with package stuff.