Replit slows to a halt, unable to type with extreme latency

Question: Replit strange glitch, editor is slow and spiking cpu usage.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears: In the replit editor, editing a file in the default code editor is unresponsive, and appears to be a server side issue. After you type some keys, it takes 5 seconds to see what you just typed, even though the editor itself is responsive. I am able to freely select and highlight text and change files, yet whenever I send any input, the editor slows to a halt. Whenever I type anything, the cpu usage of the repl (I have a hacker plan, so it’s 2 VCPU / 2 GB ram) spikes to 100% and any running applications also slow to a halt.

I believe the problem is that some process running in the replit to handle, receive, and save input from the editor has a bug and is causing it to consume all memory. This happens to all of my repl projects, regardless of the programming language or runtime, and makes development impossible when what you type appears ten seconds later. I don’t even have any active background tasks in the repl, and it’s still showing this strange behavior.

I hope this issue gets fixed because I think it’s happening on the server. I have checked my computer, ping, and even changed web browsers, but still strange cpu issue.

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

I solved the issue. I was editing an extraordinarily large file (1.1 MB) and that was what was causing the lag.

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