Replit sites do not appear outside of the Replit webview with a custom domain linked

Problem description:
Replit site works in the Replit webview but not in a different browser tab.
This behavior is consistent with a verified custom domain.

Expected behavior:
The Replit site should be accessible in both the Replit webview and a different browser tab using a custom domain.

Actual behavior:
This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

All browsers/all OS’s/all devices

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Try this URL, @seabearDEV :

Thank you for your quick response and accurate help!

It would seem you are not allowed to name a Replit the same name as your username, and that makes sense. My apologizes for jumping the gun on that one. I’ve edited my original bug description to show a more accurate description of the problem.

The verified custom domain is still an issue unfortunately, hopefully it’s not something I’ve misconfigured.

It would appear this is not an ID10T error this time.

Replit is aware of the issue and working on it:


You are allowed to name a Repl the same as your username. If you do it just shows under (and not IIRC)


Is there any ETA for fixing this issue? This has impacting Demo to our customers.

I haven’t heard of an ETA, it looks like Replit is still working on the issue:

It is frustrating, especially since updates on the issue have been rather opaque.

Guys, Is there an end to this issue? Sorry… but only option seems to be moving to other hosting.