Replit should add scratch

Hello, Replit has to add scratch i think. Who thinks the same?

No, I don’t think so. Replit’s workspace and Scratch’s workspace are very different.


That is true, but it would be a way to collaborate on scratch which is something Scratch is definetly missing

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Replit is not Scratch, and it’s not meant to be. Anyways, it’d probably be difficult to support collaboration…

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sb3 files are just json, it wouldn’t be too hard to share info back and forth

but yeah it’s probably not a good idea XD


I thought they were compressed .zip files containiing JSON and assets.


Sorry, I haven’t used Scratch in a while
just checked, you’re right

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It wouldn’t be as simple as adding a language (it’d probably take months and make the editor JS take a lot longer to download), there’d be no way to monetize it, and features like that generally only get added if they make more money than they cost.


Scratch and Replit are two different platforms that educate users on the topic of coding.

  1. How do you add two companies together? Like a workspace on Replit that resembles Scratch? Pretty sure you can’t combine a company and call it a feature.

  2. Just because Replit and Scratch do kind of the same thing doesn’t mean they should collaborate. They have different rules (ex. on Scratch you’re not allowed to make chatting games) and it would be very complicated and not worth doing.

Pretty sure that’s Turbowarp.


Lately, Replit has been trying to be a hosting provider, not an educational thing.


Well, I kind of assumed Replit is for education because they have teaching stuff (like the 100 days of Python), teachers, student plans, bans on anti-school things, and more.

You can unzip a Scratch project. You just have to rename the file extension to a .zip file.


Agreed, but there is quite a lot of features to help you learn

Replit just isn’t Scratch, and we shouldn’t try to make it Scratch.


For a multiplayer scratch ide you can use GANDI

I think You are right, but it still would be cool

pretty sure that would be illegal without an agreement with the real scratch (which wont happen)

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Well, I would love it, but it is a lot slower than all the other programming language. (But replit COULD make the editor turn it into JavaScript when you run it to make the project faster like turbowarp) Getting MIT, to agree should be pretty easy, because:

  1. They have nothing to lose because they don’t generate any revenue because there are no subscription plans or currencies.
  2. It would be a happy thing for the scratch community to have a faster version of it that’s still the same.

Also, it would expand the Replit community because you need literally no programming knowledge to do Scratch.

I think that it would be a good idea.

I totally agree. It is literaly impossible to collaborate without sharing your password (which you should NOT do)

I mean it COULD because it’s (MIT) an educational organization, and they make no money from it last time I checked.