Replit shop -- merch

The replit shop has been under construction. I want to support replit, but I just am not a fan of cycles. I get it, it’s a multifaceted means of support, but for my purposes, it’s just not ideal. Even hacker or pro accounts don’t really give me a whole lot for my purposes.

All I want are some stickers, maybe a sweatshirt or something. I think that would be rad.

Hardly a feature, but I want to support, but I want my support to actually be useful.


I’m not sure if Replit is willing to spend extra money to obtain merch, when people might not buy it.

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you say that, but it does seem like it’s something they would like to pursue:


:open_mouth: That would be very cool.

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The store was open at one point. Dont know why its under password protection though


would be cool to look into. I am definitely wanting to sport a nice fat replit logo sticker on my laptops.


I bought something a few weeks ago (mods got a code) but I think they will open it soon cuz my merch did get delivered.


I actually remember this! Not what I expected at the time.


Much appreciated! I am super excited for it! I would buy cycles or a pro/hacker account, but they just don’t give me any value. A shop is going to be awesome! I can hopefully sport a replit sticker on my laptop while teaching k-12 students on said laptop.

This may be a hot take, but as much as Github and Replit are different and even to some capacity work alongside one another, I actually very much prefer Replit for the same application I would use Github for. So I am stoked to actually enjoy a platform as much as I have Replit. But I digress. Hopefully I’ll be nabbing up some merch soon enough!


Hey @DaveBoyo thanks for repping Replit!

For those following along, we have had a ReplShop with very cool merch (I wear my Mark hat all the time), however, our shop is under construction rn while we update the designs.