Replit server never starting

I have posted this before but it got merged and i cant seem to find a clear solution

So pretty much i run the command to start the server but the server never starts :frowning:
If i click run it’ll start for about 2 seconds before reverting back to the screen above and saying run with streamlit run command in shell.

I browsed about and msges say look at replit status page so i have done so it says everything is good to go ?? But this still happens its very impeding is there anyway to solve this or at least be updated if its solved and when its planned to be fixed?
Thanks appreciate if this isnt merged as when it was merged last time, you guys didnt solve it at all , just lumping stuff together, i wouldnt say its a bug as it used to work flawlessly somethings down? i would guess so, replit used to better just under a week ago :frowning:

The issues going on right now shouldn’t be related to this.

Are you able to just run your Python file using the regular Python interpreter, or it must be through Streamlit?

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Hi @109967496141109 , welcome to the forums!
May I know what host and port you are using for this app? The host should be '' and the port should be something like 8080. Replit doesn’t use localhost and you shouldn’t run it from the Shell. Use the Run button instead.
Hope this helps!

That’s a good point. I forgot that localhost ≠ Localhost is the same as, which is not the IP that Replit looks at. It’s looking at

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I believe the Webview also won’t connect if you use the Shell to run the file (like python or the streamlit command). I’ve tested it before.

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I thought python would work fine in the Shell because pressing Run is just like it running that command in the Shell.


I have been had the exact same issue starting today, it is now impossible for me to start a server.

I need to use the streamlit run to launch the app since streamlit will not work with the run button.

Has somebody found a way to fix it? Thank you!

you should try reloading the tab if that doesn’t work then exit out and log back in