Replit "secrets" isn't working

I have a discord bot that does nothing (just the “set up” code), made with
When I pass the token directly as a variable, it runs normally.
But I don’t want the token to be exposed, so I copy it into “secrets”.
When I run it again, it says the “token is improper”, while the same token works when passed directly.
I have tried to reset the token, repl, browser etc. I’ve tried making a new repl and using a new bot, but it still doesn’t work.
I have other bots/repls that work normally with their token in “secrets” (that were made before this bug appeared).

Here is the repl where the problem appears:

raise HTTPException(response, data)
discord.errors.HTTPException: 401 Unauthorized (error code: 0): 401: Unauthorized

raise LoginFailure(‘Improper token has been passed.’) from exc
discord.errors.LoginFailure: Improper token has been passed.

I recently ran into a similar problem. I had an error due to the fact that the secret key had the characters < and >.

Your error may occur due to the presence of specific characters in the secret key, or due to an incorrectly entered secret key.


You are right, it turns out the string quotes caused the error, although I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the issue in other occasions.
Thank you for your tree reply.


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