Replit Run Suddenly Not Working

An hour ago my flask application ran normally. When I left it for an hour and tried to rerun the app suddenly the app ran but the web won’t connect, It’s possible because of the “port”. I have no idea about this since this port thing is new to me.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Some additional images if I access the web without a port. Though the app stated that it ran successfully.

Try running kill 1 (in Shell), then run the Repl again.

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Did you change anything in the Networking tab, like the ports?

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That still don’t run the app correctly somehow

Not at all, last time what I did was to change the wifi network from my mobile hotspot to the school’s internet. I thought that was the problem and when I changed back to mobile hotspot the problem persisted.

Try removing the :8000 at the end of the URL

When I try to remove the port it’ll show the “We couldn’t reach this Repl” page

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I gave up, my solution: copy all the files and the secrets, and made a new repl LOL!

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