.replit run not updating

I have a .replit file.
Updated the run command from
run = "python3 main.py"

run = "python3 main.py input.md"

And trying to run

filename = sys.argv

Running the command manually in the shell gives the expected output:
['main.py', 'input.md']

But hitting the run button still outputs:

How do you get .replit to update the run command?


Per the comment above the run command, I commented out the interpreter field a few lines below the run command. And after the shell reloaded the run command worked as expected.

Leaving this here for posterity.

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You need to change the entrypoint in the .replit file, as the comment on line one states.

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The .replit configuration works:

# The command that runs the program. If the interpreter field is set, it will have priority and this run command will do nothing
run = ["python3", "main.py", "input.md"]

# The primary language of the repl. There can be others, though!
language = "python3"
entrypoint = "main.py"

How will changing the entrypoint be an improvement over the current change from this…

run = "python3 main.py"

to this?

run = ["python3", "main.py", "input.md"]

What exactly is the alternate entrypoint solution you propose?
And why is it better?



Changing the entrypoint means that you do not have to comment out the interpreter lines, and it will still run the specified file.


they want to pass the argument input.md to main.py (like, python main.py input.md in Shell), not ‘run’ input.md. So their own post is the solution.


Thanks for highlighting @UMARismyname - I’ve updated the solution.


So are you suggesting changing the entrypoint to

entrypoint = ["main.py", "input.md"]


If so, do you comment out the run command or change it in some way?

What’s the benefit of not commenting out the interpreter?
Why is that a better solution?

I’m open to alternate ideas if:

  1. I can see a code sample (so I can test it)
  2. I understand why the tradeoffs are more favorable than another solution.

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