.replit run command run 2 things at the same time

Hello people, i’m having trouble with .replit.

I’m attempting to run 2 commands at once, at the same time. I need both of them. Pocketbase is the backend, and vite is the frontend. I tried doing this (image below) it runs pocketbase, then stops it then runs vite. Is there any fix for this. I need them both on

Sup, @bddy! It looks like you need add the compile value. compile is basically the same as run, but it runs before run, here’s an example:

compile = "echo This is the cow"
run = "cowsay MOOO-"
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And instead of one ampersand (&) maybe try two (&&)? I have seen a lot of people using that.

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Hey, @RixTheTyrunt! I need both of them to run at the same time, will this do that?

@RixTheTyrunt I tried both of your solutions, none work. They all run pocketbase first, then waits for pocketbase to stop then runs vite.