Replit RFC #1: Latest trends and changes

Recently, there have been a bunch of changes…

and I would like to collect a full story from the birds eye view of what, how, and why these changes occurred to provide the public with a more in-depth and complete understanding of the present situation. This list will be ordered in reverse chronological order, starting from today.

Change 1: Deprecation of Teams For EDU

I was shocked at this decision to suddenly drop teams for edu.

I thought they were working on a fix to some problem with EDU Teams.

My problem is that you (or whoever decided this) only gave us 1 day to create our EDU teams right after stating that they’ll try to give us a heads up.


  1. What caused this sudden deprecation of the EDU Teams product? Why might this change be necessary (e.g. budget issues, change of interest)?
  2. What would happen to the AI Toggle fix that was supposedly being shipped?
  3. How involved was the Replit staff?
    My interpretations of @yerhot’s posts were that he was not entirely on board with the recent events.
  4. How could the 1 day notice be justified?
    I don’t want to start ranting about it without getting your feedback and side of the story.

Change 2: Hacker & Pro → Core Plan

  • Power - double the RAM of our previous Pro plan, additional storage, SSH
  • Privacy - unlimited Private Repls
  • Deployments - 6M compute units for Autoscale Deployments
  • Databases - Neon PostgreSQL storage and compute
  • Partner perks - exclusive deals from Perplexity AI, Google, and more
  • Member support - 1:1 support, access to exclusive events


  1. What is the name “Core” supposed to imply (perhaps a base plan, making the way for a “Plus” plan)?
  2. Will there be more powerful and/or different plans in the future?
  3. What is the target audience for Replit’s Core plan (and Replit in general)?


I appreciate your response to the above questions, and am interested to see what you’ll say!