Replit Replacement Ideas

If you’re talking to me, then we could really add whatever anyone wants.

Well pretty sure it was just too much work and too unsustainable that they’re like, “okay, we don’t need this and it’s taking up too much of our time. remove”

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Hi, I am looking for a potential replacement for Replit Teams as they are shutting it down.

My main goal is hosting labs, so are there any platform that does this?
for example: I wanna host labs which can be accessed by students(it should spin a new workspace with the default template on the student end).

Hi @DilipBabu , welcome to the forums!
Please take a look at this topic:

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This has caused quite the disruption. I have a small development team with a CS teacher who was affected by this developing a solution right now. Our software is almost ready to demo and will be available July 31st, 2024. The goal is to provide a solution in light of replit’s decision. It will offer automated testing, long-term student portfolio storage and access, and mobile companion apps for iOS and Android as well. Anyone who is interested, please email me here: [CENSORED]

I will have my colleague, who is a high-school CS Teacher, Tanner Bowman reach out with our mockups and more details on the product. Once it is demo ready he will be able to set up demos with you so you can try it out. We are very excited and look forward to your feedback.

Hi, I’m a computer science Teacher at ***, and I saw the notice that “Teams for Education” is being deprecated. It says that it will be unavailable after March 2024. Will there be something similar available after March 2024? Even though “Teams for Education” will be gone, will I still be able to create a Team? I like the ability to create a team, then add all my students to that team, then assign work to them, then have them submit their assignments through Replit. It makes it easy for me to open their submitted program, run it, and grade it.

Yes, but

this will no longer be possible.


OK, thanks for your reply. Is there another browser-based IDE out there, similar to Replit, that has this feature? I would really like to continue to be able to assign work to my students and have them submit their assignments online.

I don’t know one off the top of my head, IIRC there were some mentioned here at some point, and you could probably google for some.

There are several, like:

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Do any of those platforms allow for