Replit Replacement Ideas

If you’re talking to me, then we could really add whatever anyone wants.

I am considering The gdb part stands for gnu debugger. The ‘classrooms’ feature says it is a beta site and shows as a “New” feature. They seem to not be a competitor to replit because there is nothing about building real world applications or anything with a commercial purpose. In fact, I believe that this site does not allow any access to the internet from within programs written there.

Currently GDB supports C, C++, D, Go, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, OpenCL C, Pascal, assembly, Modula-2, and Ada languages.

You may want to read the privacy section as well.

p.s. I will always miss replit for education. Your site was just about perfect! My college would have paid a subscription…


Actually, onlinegdb supports many more languages because the dropdown language selector shows more such as C#, Perl, Ruby, VB, Swift, Assembly, HTML, CSS, JS, SQLlite, Prolog, etc.

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Sorry to see useful platforms like Replit pulling out of education, but I can empathize somewhat; education sector can be tough with all the regulations and privacy concerns while providing the service for free. If you are teaching with Javascript, and open to the idea of teaching the concepts from a visual perspective (ie. drawing circles in a loop instead of printing results on terminal), check out the platform I am running,, and our class platform is used by thousands of institutions so far. Subscription is not free, but pretty cheap compared to other options. The best part is the community projects that can inspire your students.


Well pretty sure it was just too much work and too unsustainable that they’re like, “okay, we don’t need this and it’s taking up too much of our time. remove”

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You can consider JDoodle, it has an assessment platform. JDoodle is an online IDE that has other offerings. It has like 88 languages support so language is not a problem. Plus, their assignment creation is good like they have auto-grading and everything.

You can check it out:

JuiceMind is the answer!


Hi, I am looking for a potential replacement for Replit Teams as they are shutting it down.

My main goal is hosting labs, so are there any platform that does this?
for example: I wanna host labs which can be accessed by students(it should spin a new workspace with the default template on the student end).

Hi @DilipBabu , welcome to the forums!
Please take a look at this topic:

Hope this helps!

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