Replit remake is here!

check it out here


I love the notification thing that PikachuB2005 made. I couldn’t get the other thing to work even though PikachuB2005’s does work with limited features.

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Yeah basically this is the hosted version :smiley: do you don’t need to run it locally you can just pop open your browser and run it

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@PikachuB2005 I still highly recommend the notification thing. There are a few improvements I would like to see.

  1. Ability to go to a comment by ID number
  2. Ability to click on the link to the comment/Repl (especially useful when it gives you notifications about being mentioned in a Repl chat instead of the public comments)
  3. Ability to persist inbox without saving every message to starred/important (because it resets when you read them from actaul Replit)
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you should @PikachuB2005 lol XD


Dumb question, but how can I see my SID?


It’s not dumb, here you go


Do you never read your notifications or is it fixed so that it shows old and new notifications? EDIT: I checked it for myself and you must just never read your notifications.

remake doesnt work :confused:

The other one does (about 50%).

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That one’s old and has less features :stuck_out_tongue:

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When I tried yours earlier today it had no working features.

why does the new one not work :0

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I mean that’s not the point, it’s supposed to let pika use it in school and it has IDE for him but he hasn’t released that yet so this is the newer ver, but yeah you can use the old one before this one is in alpha

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You should probably mention that

  1. the notification thing is old and buggy
  2. the remake is a very early version and to log in you need to do localStorage.setItem('SID', 'your SID') in the console.

Since the notification page wasn’t connected to the remake when I started it, it didn’t have this stuff. But yes it should in the future.

  1. There will be a button to go to the repl, and the selected comment [chain] will show on top before the other ones
  2. Obviously I will add this, it had no use to me before because it’s all blocked on my school device
  3. That would require me saving every notification you didn’t read, but sure

I will also use cookies instead of local storage, since I was using this on a local file setting cookies didn’t work.


That is really cool man. Whish I was able to do something like that.