Replit Reconnecting all the time

hello! so a while back, my school blocked replit by accident, then unblocked it. after that happened, replit has been really slow, basically saying reconnecting all the time. when it does connect, it only connects for around 5 seconds, then goes back to reconnecting. (this whole thing only happens on my school computers)

if someone could tell me a theory why this might be happening, that would be great.

daxcodes1 (daxcodes on replit)

Have you ensured your school whitelisted all of the following domains?

  • (primary domain)
  • (where web applications built on Replit are hosted)
  • (old domain, not actively used)
  • (old domain, not actively used)


@CoderElijah I have checked all the domains just now, and none of them sent me to our school’s “blocked page”.

On the editor I also tried refreshing and every possible thing I can do at the moment.

Could be a Replit issue then. You can monitor and see if any issues are reported. Not much more I personally can do to help.


@CoderElijah Alright, thanks for trying though!

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