Replit randomly deleted every file

i hosted a discord bot here
now i read about the secret key incident ,so last time it happened i dont remeber but my secret keys were gone causing it to fail
then i replaced my secrets with new ones but now the files are gone
there was a single file named
containing code of a discord bot that would send a message if a user says a banned word it also had OCR functionality to scan images

my guess is when i replaced the secret tokens the restore function of replit as in the lost key discovery it got confused that should it restore the secret keys or keep the once that it has now
and it deleted the files too while it was trying

i want any admin or mod to recover this file for me
Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:

Hi @golam71 , welcome to the forums!
Can you try making a new file and see if the code returns? This would happen if the file was deleted.

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This has happened to me before when I used nix libraries. Try recreating the files you used (e.g. and check their history.


yes you guys are right
thank you very much for the help
means a lot to me


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