Replit Python Console does not start Python server in IDE

How can I get Replit console to behave like a general Python console, so I can type Python commands on it, not bash command.

I searched around but didn’t find related question and answer.

For example, I have one line code in

a = 1

and hit run. On console, I inquire about value of a, but the Python program has exited.


The console is exactly the same as shell, not a Python console. Is this expected? Is there any configuration I can do to get Python console?


You can use the new Python (Prybar) template instead in order to restore old console functionality.


The prybar template is the best solution here. Recently, replit removed prybar from the python template which is why this is happening.

Alternatively, you can type python -i into the console to run your repl (instead of Run button), this has the same effect.

Here is the update about removing prybar:


lemme contest that. For regular use IPython can be much better.

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Cool template.
I’ll mention it in future posts about the python console.

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