version conflicts: `typing_extensions` should be v4

Actual behaviour

The typing_extensions dependency on the replit python package has a version constraint ^3.7.4 currently, but many packages now depend on ^4, causing a version conflict which has been reported in the discord help channels numerous times.
Also, the terminal is cleared right after the packages fail to install, so it’ll cause confusing import errors later and the user may not see the actual error. This is what happened in Why do i get the error 'Only one listener allowed at a time'? in sshkeyboard

Expected behaviour

Should be changed to >=3.7.4,<5 as it is compatible with v4. Of course, change it to the latest stable version (currently ^4.4) if you plan to add new functionality (and so end up using new types)
The console should not be cleared if there is an error in the package install. And maybe stderred the package install output as well so it’s clear when there’s an error


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