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When publishing a repl in the replit HTML editor, the ability is upload an icon for the project is not working. It shows, but as soon as I click “Upload Image” or click anywhere else on my computer, the publishing window closes. It disappears as soon as I click anywhere.


I’ll try it.

doxr at a later time: Yes, this is happening to me too. I know in the cover page, you can change the icon by pressing on it, but this is a bug.

Problem description:
I’m trying to upload an Icon to my repl, but it doesn’t work, I try to click “Upload Image” but it just closes the edit publish settings window and doesn’t work (drag and drop doesn’t work either) I’ve had this issue for a couple of days now, I’m not sure if it’s a problem on my end or Replit’s end

Expected behavior:
I can upload an Icon to my repl

Actual behavior:
I can’t upload a Icon to my repl, crashes the "edit publish settings"window

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Chromebook/ChromeOS, Google

This bug report already exists.

I can confirm this happens to me too.

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Thanks @doxr I’ve merged the posts into the other topic for reference.

Problem Description:
cannot upload icons for projects

Expected behavior:
should be able to upload the icon to repl

Actual behavior:
closes publish repl tab and edit description tab

Steps to reproduce:


platform: web

I’m getting a not found error from the video link:

But I can reproduce the bug.

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Same is happening with me as well. Cannot upload images for setting icons and cover page for my repl. The ‘publish repl’ tab closes once I click on upload.

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fixed it, i remade the repl that i put files in to organize images videos etc, try now

UPDATE: i realized the same thing happens with cover photo

I’m having the same problem using Opera GX browser, thought it might be my adblocker, but still did not work after disabling. I was, however, able to upload an icon from my phone using Chrome, getting the image to my phone was more of a hassle than expected, but it’s there at least.

If I understand, this bug report was already reported… Replit Publishing Icon - #5 by IanAtReplit

Similar thing happening to me now. I’m trying to add an icon image but when I click Upload Image it never brings up the file explorer for me to select an image to upload.

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