Replit project assets will not load

I believe I cannot interact with my project because it exceeded the rate limit. I assume this because when I was uploading a big folder, I received the message “You’re sending too many messages, slow down!”. I am able to load the Replit page but my file directory, secrets and files will not load.

I’ve been able to reproduce this error in another project just by simply uploading a large file.

Is this the case, did I reach the rate limit?
If so, how long am I trapped like this for?
And, is there a quick fix for this?

Hi @OutFoxedFastest , welcome to the forums!
Can you try uploading files bit by bit, so when one batch is done upload the next one.

Thanks, I am aware that this is a way to avoid sending too many requests. The problem is I’m already in a “locked down” state and I’m unsure of how to escape it.

Try closing all your open files, then a cache refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R).

Thanks you for those who made an attempt to assist me with my problem. I am no-longer experiencing this issue. As I suspected, the solution was to wait some hours before I could interact with my project again. Hopefully I don’t come across a feature of Replit that unknowingly punishes me for using it in a unmentioned forbidden matter.

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