Replit Pro plan, storage issue/

Hi, I purchased a pro plan as it said 10GB of storage but it shows only 1gb here

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Hey @ShubhamShah16

The Pro Plan gives you 10GB of account storage. Pretty sure that this doesn’t affect repls’s storage but I may be incorrect.


it should then show 10gb here if I’m correct.

Sorry, but no… it’s the used storage combined from all the repls that you’ve made.

Unfortunately @doxr is right and to make things worse, the superfast development is … well fast depending on load just like boosting. I see it clearly in the tetris game i am finishing up, something pretty simple and still (even on 8x boosting) needs slow down not to stutter.
So I am finishing it offline now :slight_smile:

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Actually, the free plan gives you 10 GiB Outbound Data Transfer and the Pro plan gives you 100 GiB Outbound Data Transfer.

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@QwertyQwerty88 They’re talking about this here:

for the Pro plan.

I only have this one nothing else? Can you please help since I need to feed more data here and its not working now?

You can use a CDN for static files (image files, HTML files, JS files, CSS)

You can also use multiple repls; Upload your files in a different repl and get the files from that repl. All you have to do is make a new HTML/CSS/JS so a webserver starts. Then, upload all the files you need there. Get those files like this: in your other repl. That way, in your main repl, storage isn’t consumed.

Okay so thing is I’m building this bot
and i did fork it from a user. When feeding it less data it worked and answered but as soon I started feeding more data it stopped. I dont know single line of code also took the pro plan so it could work but did not.

The pro plan does not directly affect repls as I said soooo yeah.

This seems to be zahid’s GPT UI. I’ve [tried] using it before, but it didn’t work for the simple fact that a different project ate up my API key. Storage was never a problem, though. The way I know how it worked, it doesn’t need to be fed any data… just give it a prompt on a website. May I ask how you’re using this repl to feed data? A prompt, I’m pretty sure, doesn’t take up space in your repl.

Yes, i think so that is the guy. Okay so I did edit the code a slight bit here

it worked for like around 150 lines but now I have added data around 200 lines and its not responding

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Hmm… I did test if your website works. It doesn’t. I assumed it’s because of an external error but you’re saying that it works if it’s <150 characters? Can you show a screenshot of your repl’s resources?

Edit: @ShubhamShah16 I saw “content.” It’s EXTREMELY large. This doesn’t have to do with the repl; this has to do with the AI. The thing was probably way too big for OpenAI. This makes more sense: your project works <150 because that prompt/backstory is accepted by OpenAI. Your content however, is extremely large. Too large for your API/OpenAI. You need to make your prompt smaller for it to work. So technically, this doesn’t really have anything to do with Replit. It can handle the storage, but the API won’t handle the sheer size of it.

Where do I find resources can you guide me? Also, can you try testing now I’ve removed a few lines of data and it should work.

I removed almost around 50-60 lines now its working pls try

Resources is at the bottom left of the repl IDE.

Also, your project works now.

Ohh okay, I got it. Thanks for the help. But do you know a way through? This is nothing compared to what I want to feed it.


Honestly, I don’t know much about OpenAI, but I think they have plans so you can get bigger prompts. I know you probably bought Pro for this (or maybe not) and don’t want to buy something again for this. Maybe make some of what you want to say smaller. For example, you don’t need to tell the AI that it speaks fluent English because it already does. There may be some unnecessary details you can take out.

Your screenshot confirms that storage is not the problem. Also, please mark an answer as solution to close the topic. If you have questions about OpenAI, I recommend you start a new topic.


Thanks for helping me out. I will definitely figure out something.