Replit postgresql tables not responding

** replit postgresql tables and query are not responding. Any ideas on what could be happening?**

The database is currently deployed with my project and working perfectly but when I go to the dashboard the tables never load and I can not run a query


I am having the same issue. Just started happening this weekend.


Yeah I noticed it yesterday and it’s still ongoing

Hi folks – quickly wanted to mention we’re looking at this. Once we have an update, we’ll let y’all know.


Hi – we did identify an issue with our underlaying infrastructure provider that caused odd behavior, including the database connectivity problems y’all are having, with a small subset of Repls. Deployments are unaffected and only certain Repls in a certain region were affected.

We are deploying updates to affected Repls now, but recovery could take some time yet to finish.

We also wrote a bit on our Status Page, so keep an eye on that for more updates as the recovery progresses.