Replit Paid Plans Comparison

I joined Replit in 2021, where the Hacker plan had much more stuff. It was actually amazing value for the price that you were paying. In 2023, with the changes to the pricing and the introduction of the Pro plan, I had to create this chart. Please let me know your thoughts about these changes.


I believe the pro has an 8x not a 4x

No, the Pro plan has a 4x.

Well of course, things cost money (mind-blowing right?) So I understand that as the user base increases, the costs increase. Bots that integrate into third-party resources (not including discord) are also a very serious issue for Replit.
After a meeting with the Replit team, I can confirm some changes (e.g. deployments) are not final and may be turned around, so I’m satisfied with that.

My personal opinion on these changes are a little sudden, but this shouldn’t change the experience of Replit if they decide to change their approach on these problems.

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Yeah, I’m disappointed by it too.

I think for yet another time I delete everything and my account. How disgusting to have 8x coding and 4x boost. Ridiculous and it makes no sense. So for having the same speed at boost we need to pay more than the pro plan itself.

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Account storage shouldn’t count for before this year since it is only a soft limit for now

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For now … i guess 1st of April (mentioned as a big change date in the past) it will. Probably with pro going 4c as workspace speed

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Sure companies like Replit need money, but so sudden and in such a small timeframe with little to no warning?


That’s exactly what I said. Except I said it simpler, lol.

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Yes, however as I have said before:

After a meeting with the Replit team, I can confirm some changes are not final…

But I do agree about its sudden change – without any announcement, egress was launched, and so were these setbacks.


And the deployments, don’t forget that lol.

I prefer not to think of them yet …