Replit packagemanager python; mariadb won't install and prevents script from running

Problem description:
I can’t seem to install the package “mariadb” via the replit packagemanager. Locally, it works fine, but via replit it just won’t work.

Expected behavior:
Install package, and run script successfully

Actual behavior:
Tries to install the package, but fails (see screenshots)

Steps to reproduce:
Open replit packagemanager for python3 > and install “mariadb” package. It will result in a “Replit: Package operation failed.” error

Bug appears at this link:{username}/{projectName}



Please send the link to your repl so we can investigate

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I wasn’t able to find a working mariadb + python template, so that means the bug is most likely on our side. I’ll ask the platform team about this and see what we can do. Thanks for the report!