Replit output terminating after first line

I can no longer run programs successfully in Replit, even the programs I’ve run before and know work are being terminated after the first line and I am not sure what’s wrong. Error codes pop up but if the program has no bugs, then it displays the first line of output and then a message saying “the program has been terminated”.

Everything else is working fine, and I am coding in C++. My projects are for a coding class and my professor can access the program and see the output just fine so I am not sure what the problem is.

Hey, @CianaMcknoulty, welcome to Replit Ask.

If everything is working fine, then this might be a bug. Can I get the link to your repl? I’ll try forking it and see if I get any errors.


Your project seems to be private. Please make it public so people can access it.

So all of my programs are through my professors shell but I made a test program with one of my older assignments that use to work.

test program - Replit

Let me know if this works

If I understand correctly, the project that you mentioned doesn’t work, nor “test program” but for me, it works. No errors, it worked first try.

I think it’s a bug that occurs for you. Maybe create a new topic in #support:bug-reports if you want and it’ll (maybe) get fixed.

Hey @CianaMcknoulty!

Can you please send me a screenshot of the issue you’re having so I can get a better idea of what you see on your end?