Replit Not Updating Code Changes

Anytime I write a code, then run it, replit seems to save that indefinitely, so that when I change the code it results in no changes showing in the console. The console continues to re-print whatever I wrote first, no matter how the changes made to the code.

I’ve stopped the code from running, cleared the console. Deleted all code out and put started it over, etc… The only thing that seems to work is to open a new file anytime I want to make a change to a code.

Hi @jfwatson10 , welcome to the forums!
Try entering kill 1 in the Shell, or wait until the project saves before running it again (The flashing cloud should stop and have a tick).
Hope this helps!


Thanks for the reply. I tried that, but it didn’t change anything.
I closed out of the browser entirely, went back in (with it showing my update coded still entered, but when I clicked run, it still ran the old code that it seems to be clinging to.

I then clicked to stop running,
cleared the console,
tried kill 1 in the shell again,
waited until it said reconnected again.,
then tried to re-run the code and it still puts out the old result.

I’m at a loss.

could you share a link to your repl?

Make sure you are editing the correct file, usually The code should be getting saved. If it isn’t getting saved after a few seconds, it probably would not be possible to run your code either.


wooooooow. That was exactly the problem. Somehow I ended up on a different file, so it kept pulling from what was in I don’ think I understand how “new files” work then. Thank you for solving my problem though. Now I can practice again.

Hey @jfwatson10!

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It looks to be marked now. Thanks.


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