Replit not serving file

Problem description

Multiple days ago, I made a file named style.css . Today, all was working perfectly until I click on the file style.css and change a poperty. When I reload the page on the desktop app, it doesn’t load my css file anymore. I tried on browser, I got a 404 response. I went to the url/style.css and there I got a 404 error again.

Expected behavior

It should have loaded my css file

Actual behavior

It doesn’t load my css file and respond with a 404 error code.

Steps to reproduce

Idk if you will be able to reproduce this. But this is te link of my repl : .




Windows 11

Device if mobile



Free tier

Please upload screenshots

I couldn’t upload two files so here is the response I get :

Fixed it by Ctrl A, Ctrl X, Ctrl V . But it’s a very weird bug.

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