Replit not running part of the code, but being able to run it elsewhere

So this has happened before with me and eventually got back to normal, but this time it is taking longer. Basically, I am coding a Discord bot with and when a specific command is run, everything goes fine until the very end of it, not running those bits at the end without providing any error or any reason to happen (by this I mean, not running out of RAM and CPU). What is odd is that other commands with similar lines (to not say the same) work totally fine, as it should. That creates many problems as the bot then is not available for those functions. However, if I take the same code and run it in my computer, it works totally fine. So what exactly can I do? Is it something I am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated

Welcome to the community! Could you please provide the link to your Repl so that we can attempt to figure out your problem?

Thank you and sure, it is:
The issue is on the command from the line on 896. Basically, I was trying to fix another bug in that command when I realized that was happening. One example in this command is on line 1073, it doesn’t run that at all, but it gets until line 1072 and prints it. There is no apparent reason why it doesn’t send the message though

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