Replit not repsonsive

Using replit on an iPad, when I got on to start coding my repl was completely unresponsive, not letting me type, click, or change files.

The Repl is supposed to be responsive

It wasn’t

Im not sure reproduction is possible, because it happened, i powered down and turned back on my iPad and it was fixed.

Bug appears at this link:
Happened on this repl

Browser: Safari
OS: iPadOS
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): Apple iPad
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: NA
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Free

Sometimes replit just takes longer to load depending on server traffic (and your internet connection). You can’t interact with a webpage until it’s loaded to an extent.

It was a good 10-15 minutes i sat there waiting. I have probably the best connection i can have and the tabs been open for about an hour. It just, happened.

Hmmm. Did you try reloading Safari at the time, or did you immediately restart your ipad?

Hey @jasecrowe!

This is a known problem. According to it should be working, but I know some people still have the problem. To my knowledge there is currently not a fix until the problem is fixed.

Also is your internet connection stable? This could be causing issues instead of the problem I said above.


I tried reloading the tab, making a new replit tab and exiting and coming back. Those didn’t work because the repl was still unresponsive. That’s when i restarted the iPad. Also what @SalladShooter said

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