Replit not loading - Oct 5

I just see the working spinning wheel on all my replits plus my always-on just brings up the ‘Run this Repl to see the results here’ page. Is anyone else having problems?


+1 :arrow_up: - yep me as well :ghost:

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I have the same issue it is not working

Yes I have the same problem as well

+1 - I am facing the same issue since today morning.
:face_with_peeking_eye: :ghost:

Working for me again now.

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@eppaoa @ShivaniSharma69 As mentioned in the Community Standards:

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Mine is the same - the project never completely loads.

having the same issue here as well, but the problem just started some time ago

Same. Spinning endlessly.


Could you provide a link to the speciifc Repl you are still having issues with? We can take a look into it for you. Thanks!