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Hello, my replit code is saying not found when I tried to change the body code in plantid.css. I changed it back to what it originally was and it is still saying “not found”. I was trying to change the background image to a solid color. I can’t see any of my webpages now. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you

code snippet

Hi @ujumotanya !
At the Webview, change scrdoc to / and run the repl. It should work now.
Hope this helps!

I just changed it and ran it but it didn’t work. Any other suggestions?

Strange… I see the website on my side.
Could you send a screenshot of what you see on your side?

So at first it works in webview but when I go to the Plant Identifier Page it no longer works and I get that error message

Right. Backspace plantidentifier.html from the url in the browser tab, and you should be seeing index.html.

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Yes but I am not trying to see the index.html page but the plantidentifier.html page. The css code on that page is not working properly.

Right, then instead of /plantidentifier.html, use #plantidentifier.html.
Hope this helps!

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I’m still getting the same error message for my plant identifier even when I change to #plantidentifier.html

Hmm… try using that on the new urls maybe?

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That worked thank you!

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Hey @ujumotanya!

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