Replit Nix No Longer Exsists?

I made a new python repl and it seems that the nix file is missing? Is this supposed to happen?

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Yes, the new Nix modules update has removed the need for a replit.nix file. Some packages aren’t included in a module and can still be installed by making the replit.nix file and adding it (or just running the shell command in Shell).


Use the System Dependencies tool to install nix packages. It should also work for library dependencies.
Nix dependencies are automatically installed for certain python packages if you install them using auto guessing or the Packages tool, so there should be little need to edit replit.nix.


Unless something’s weird on my side, System Dependencies only lets you remove nix packages.

Installing/searching with the tool was only a recently added feature and only seems to be available on more recent repls.
Also, I have Explorer mode on.

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