Replit news! (COLLAB)

This is going to be a website for replit news. This will be made in Next.js. anyone wanna join? There is a limit though, only 2 people can be invited to the repl for now


I definitely wanna join!

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Note, you do not have to know Next to join

I’d like to help if I can. (I do know a bit of next)

Like a news site? That reports news relating to Replit?

I want to join =) I know a bit of Next.js from that livestream where Ironclad taught David React. Funnily enough I was just about to make a React app with Next.js. But why only 2 people?

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Eh, I’ll just invite all of you guys and no one else

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xD maybe i can help a bit, it’s ok if i can’t tho

@not-ethan Can you close this?

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OOoo I tried this a few months ago and almost got sued by Replit!

It was because of the original name and branding :confused:

So… We need to be careful about how we brand it then?

Yeah I can help a little with that and as I have some experience in doing it before I could help with other stuff too.

Is this going to be another one of these things where everyone joins the repl, writes some boilerplate and then abandons the project.

Nope, that is why I chose few people. sorry earth ruler

why not just write ontop of the already existing code from media dash

Nope, that is just copying

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i give you permission
(i wrote almost all the code)

Yeah, I’m writing it in next.js

See the deployed version here

Can I join? It sounds fun, and I’d love to help.