Replit needs to be more fast

Replit is a pretty good app. But it’s slow. Replit developers, Please try to make the app faster🙂

@tanjoymridha1 Hello and welcome to the community!
Are you referring to the Replit Desktop app, The Replit website, or the mobile app?

I’m going to assume it is the mobile app, so I changed it a bit.

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I am referring to the Replit Mobile App

@tanjoymridha1 What specially is slow on the app? Also, what device are you running?


I’d daresay I feel that the app is slow in general. It will only react to keypresses when the ‘Folders’ button appears at the top of Home. Only then can I go to the forum.

When i turn on the app, it takes a while to fully control. And when i go into a folder, it also takes a little while. When i go to profile, there is also a bit of slowness. And i use a phone of Walton.

I believe that as @NateDhaliwal said, the Replit app isn’t the best configured, but since I have a iPad 9th Gen I never rly experience the lag. How old is your phone, if you don’t mind me asking?

Don’t take it harshly, but on play store, u can see many people saying it’s slow. And my phone is 3+ years old. I know it’s normal to run slow in this type of phone. But many people is saying its slow. Even my brother who uses Samsung galaxy which is 1 or half year old i think runs slow in that phone too.

Probably The Replit Mobile App then – I was just checking.
@tanjoymridha1 The Replit Mobile App is relatively new, so cut it some slack. If you contact Replit support, I’m sure they’ll be able to help determine how they can fix it.

Specifically the User Interface needs to be sped up. It is built on React. Is that why it is slow?

No, React Native compiles to native code using native components (Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android)

Is the mobile app made with React Native? It is noticeably slower than the mobile version of the website on my Android phone.

It is built with RN. I’m not certain, but it’s probably Replit’s servers that are slow

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