Replit Mobile App - When pressing the Tab button on the keyboard while typing code, the tab becomes unresponsive or goes out of the editor

Problem description:
When pressing the tab key while writing code makes the file tab, console, etc., unresponsive. What I found is that the currently open tab (the one I wrote the code for) is half the screen, the remaining half of the screen is filled with the tab to the right.

Sometimes the text editor also becomes out of focus.

I use Hackers Keyboard by Klaus Weidner

Expected behavior:
That shouldn’t happen, because this makes it difficult to use emmet or code from AI.

OS: Android
App version: 2.56.2

Hi @FeriIrawann , welcome to the forums!
You mean that the screen becomes half of one file, half on another or the Console? I have experienced this issue before. A workaround is to exit the repl and go back in.
May I ask why you are using the Tab button on your keyboard? 2 spaces are 1 indentation level, so to indent 1 level, you’ll need to press the Space key twice.