Replit Mobile App on Amazon Kindle Fire?

Describe your feature request

Request: Make the mobile app available on Kindle, either by adding it to the Amazon App Store, or as an official apk

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

Problem: current inability to install the replit mobile app on Kindle Fire

Kindle fire (especially Fire 10) is a great, low cost product, but the full browser experience for replit is a bit intense for the device. The Mobile App for replit is fantastic, so I thought I would request the feature here.

There are of course hacky ways to do it, but a non-hacky, official way is always better.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

Wanted to use replit on my kindle fire device. The web experience is fine, but the app would be better.


Hey @GhormehSabzi welcome to the forums!

Can you explain why you think the app would be better than it in a web browser?



The simple fact is I like the experience of the native app more on my phone, vs the web interface on my phone - so thinking how this would translate to the tablet led me to ask.

I think the web interface is great, but some of the features of the mobile app are interesting.

I dont expect this request to be a particularly high priority, but it shouldn’t be a hard one either.

And if I wanted it bad enough, I could just add gapps to my kindle, then install from play store, but I am trying to avoid that.


It’s a cool idea, but very niche. I don’t know that the Replit team will do this simply because it’s a very specific, small, platform.


I thought you could already install it using .apks :thinking:

APK Pure might be of help here, they have the Replit app… but just be careful when sideloading apps, as some sources can contain malware.

I’ve used APK Pure before, but I still wouldn’t completely trust it as much as something like Amazon App Store or Google Play.


I’m basically asking them to either post the existing APK to the Amazon app store or make it downloadable from another source, e.g. from their site, it’s not a major engineering commitment. There are tons of valid reasons not to do it, but without feedback like this they’ll have no reasons to do it.


Yeah no lol. Considered that route but opted instead to give feedback rather than risk malware from an unverified source.

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