Replit mobile app creating new lines at the bottom of the code automatically

Problem description:
New lines are created unnecessarily at the bottom of the page and then scrolls the view to the new lines.

Expected behavior:
I can work on projects using the replit app without it scrolling and creating new lines.

Actual behavior:
It creates new lines and scrolls down to them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get replit mobile
  2. Create/Open a repl
  3. Start writing code
  4. The lines should start being generated

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device: Replit mobile app, Android 13, Samsung S21

Hi there! Replit mobile is still pretty new, so bugs like these happen frequently. This should go away within 1 week - 1 month.

This bug has been occuring for a long time now and even after reporting the bug several times using the send feedback form in-app, the bug still seems to be happening.

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Hmm… odd. Have you talked to @ShaneAtReplit or @bardia?

Not all handle bugs not even Ian. Only Shane and Bardia. But please don’t message them and instead make a post in #bug-reports


I’ve highlighted this to the Replit team. If you are able to add some screenshots showing the issue it would be very useful as I can’t replicate this.

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I have a video of the bug happening but it won’t let me upload it to this thread

I’ve uploaded a video onto youtube of the bug
You can find it here: (Replit bug - YouTube)

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This bug is already on our radar! We believe it’s actually a rendering bug: not that lines are being added, but that CodeMirror is lazy rendering.


Oh ok. Do you have an estimate for when it will be fixed or any temporary work arounds?

If I had to guess maybe 2 weeks at least. It’s CodeMirror’s issue according to Bardia, so maybe more time.

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