Replit max size file upload to javascript/html template

Hi, I want to upload around 1GB of data include lots of images for my website (part of notion export) and it seems to gave me the error of uploading failure. Why? I have the paid core plan and have lots of unused storage.

The error is: Total file upload size exceeds maximum limit. Please try again with smaller files. when trying to upload the folder

any limitations i’m not aware off?

Hi @A-bigbig , welcome back!
I believe that you can’t upload too large a file into Replit.
Try creating a file in Replit with the same name, and copy and paste the data inside bit by bit, maybe every 10 lines or so.

Interesting. But I heard a few month ago they support large uploads into the hundreds of gigabytes. So… it’s not possible? (my smaller folder of 300MB also didn’t work)

Where did you see this? I don’t think I’ve heard this news before.
In any case, does the method I suggested work?