Replit lost student hacker


Back in February this year I signed up for GitHub Student Pack and actually got Replit Hacker.

I was promised this Replit hacker will last for a year, but this morning I woke up to a popup asking me to buy hacker.

After exploring a bit I found out that I’ve lost hacker and I don’t have any of it’s perks.

What’s happened?

Please don’t ruin Replit, a year of hacker for students is very helpful.

Hey @KadenAE!

Since March, you no longer get Hacker with the Github Student Plan. You now get 6 months of free private Repls as said in this post:


So even if I claimed it when it was a partnership I’ve still lost my hacker? It makes no sense and I’ve also received no notice of this change.

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I agree, this was quite sudden and I don’t like the change. I don’t have the Github student plan, so it doesn’t affect me much. Sorry about this, but there isn’t anything we can do.


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