Replit layout on ipad

**Problem description:**If I tap on main.r or console the screen layout is changed, and a ‘action’ line is hiding the menu line so I can’t return to my repl’s.

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device: iPad

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Are you using the website or the app?

I’m using the app. Everything is ok on the iphone app.


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Can you please provide a screen recording so we can investigate? Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the Replit mobile App.

Well this problem seldom happens, if you mean the tabs are translated left/right by a few tabs which content is not matching the file name

Solution for that is just swipe to the leftmost or rightmost tab, considering if the translated direction is left or right, until the tabs go back to normal.

If not, I have no idea what you are trying to describe, maybe give more details?

Not sure why my earlier reply didn’t show up, but:
I would suggest using the web app. It is usually less buggy.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @StigLuxhoi !

If you have a suggestion, you should put this in #support:feature-requests .

Thank you!

If you tap the screen with a finger, the layout is broken. You can’t come back to home or your other repls. I only has this strange behavior on my ipad. Everything is ok on my iphone and on website.

The picture shows repl number one from the repl tutorial. Click, knock or tap with your finger on the screen, and the bottom line is hided.
I really wonder why I should be the only one to have seen this.


I’m unable to reproduce this behavior. I need a screen recording so I can see the whole issue.