Replit keeps on trying to update

My repl has been constantly trying to update pyamal

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:



Hi @AndrewDeng3 !
Do you need pyaml in your code?
In the .replit file, enter this line below entrypoint:

disableGuessImports = true

Hope this helps!
P.S. Did you add modules to pyproject.toml without installing them with poetry add <module>?


Yes it worked! Thank you so much

Hey @AndrewDeng3!

Please mark this post as the solution if it solved your problem so people with the same issue can easily find the solution.

cc: @QwertyQwerty88 @dragonhunter1 @MattDESTROYER @Firepup650

wait… it did it again

XD nvm. It works. Also can you please try it to see if it works on ur side

Ermmm I don’t get anything. No Solution appears here.

They were talking about the issue, not the solution.

I’ll try and reproduce the error on my side.

I reproduced it and it works. (I use the method in all of my programs as well, it works)

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